Thursday, February 28, 2008


Even with an extra day this year, I'm still going to be sort of AWOL for the next month. Here's what's going on:

  • Final exams Saturday morning, and class sessions in the afternoon.
  • Saturday night and Sunday to finish my spreadsheet class homework, catch up on business law reading, and start getting ready for the trip.
  • Next week - the first week in March - will be busy at work. Not only do I need to be trained for my next rotation, I have to supervise/train my replacement to do my current work. I need to be two places at one time!
  • Class Tuesday and Thursday - no more Monday night class this semester!
  • Start figuring out the final presentation and paper due at the end of April.
  • Buy a pair of comfortable, inexpensive, non-bedroom-slipper-y flat black shoes. I'm thinking of these.
  • Start pulling things together for the trip - what does one actually take for a week long business/pleasure trip to Japan??
  • Actually go on the trip. We leave the 14th, and come home on Easter. Not much I'll be able to do there!
  • I have a midterm the Tuesday before I leave, and the Thursday I return. Also, more homework assignments due, as well as a business law presentation.
  • Get in touch with a friend from college who just moved to Irvine.
  • Attend my first 30th birthday party! I'm excited!
  • Register for Summer semester, and buy my new parking permit. Why are they only offering 5 classes??? I have to compete for these??? Do enough people take the summer off???
  • My new rotation starts the Friday I return; I'm taking Monday off after I get back to recover. So only three measly days to get things in order and start my new job!
  • It's getting to be time to finalize some initial wedding plans. Most importantly, reserving a reception site, then putting a dress on order, putting together the wedding party, and contracting with a photographer. I'd love to squeeze some engagement portraits in! We've got a design for the save-the-date cards, but we still need to finalize the design, design and print the cards, and assemble, gather addresses, and mail them out.
With all these things going on, I'm just kind of going through the motions to live out the next month. I keep telling myself that once I get the trip over with, things will start going back to normal. I'll be able to get the wedding items under control, and I'll only have two nights of school for the next two semesters (still celebrating!).

In the meantime, bear with me ...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last night was my last session of Globe (with the exception of the two Saturday classes and trip to go).

It's not just that this was the last lecture. Yesterday signified the start of the last week I will have three scheduled weekday evening classes in a single week. Ever.

Just wanting to share the joy!