Thursday, April 17, 2008


Traffic has been just mad today.

This morning I was on my way to work, and even a little on the early side. But when I got off the highway, all three lanes going my direction were stopped. Now, just a few months ago, there was a fatal accident just across the street from work, and the whole street was closed for the investigation. I couldn't believe that happened again so soon, but not far down the street I saw police lights. It ended up that three lanes going each way were funneling down to one (on a super busy street, during morning rush hour no less) and police from Westminster, Irvine, and even Anaheim were pulling over trucks and inspecting them. One officer was on a dolly underneath a truck, another was looking under the hood of another truck. They didn't appear to be looking inside the trucks, and they didn't pull over two FedEx trucks that went by. The only trucks that were pulled over were semis, and the smaller sized trucks like the ones landscapers use. I have no idea what they were looking for, but I still got to work on time.

On the way up to class, on the same street, the traffic was all backed up again! I thought there might be an accident, or an accident closing the highway on-ramp, or something else. It ended up one of the traffic lights was out, and wreaking havoc from past the highway almost to work! The rest of the drive was uneventful up until I got on campus, and a huge black Expedition tried to t-bone me because they were, apparently, tired of waiting to pull out from the parking garage. Never mind I had the right of way, and the last one through the traffic light with no one behind me.

Yikes, people. The rules of the road are pretty simple. Let's be kind.