Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

Of course this holiday season couldn't have passed without making a ubiquitous pumpkin pie. Especially since I'd stockpiled cans of pumpkin because of that bogus "shortage."

I made the usual filling based on the back of the Libby's can. As for the pie crust, I had a half a box of mix left over to use. Not too exciting, right? I didn't even take a picture, it was so uninspiring.

But does anyone else ever end up with about two cups worth of filling left over? I always do! And I just can't bring myself to waste tasty pumpkin pie filling!

Looking back on this idea, I realize that I had phyllo pastry sheets and puff pastry sheets confused. I'm perfectly aware that these two aren't the same thing. All of the blogs I read talk about cooking things that require simply popping out a sheet or two of frozen puff or phyllo pastry from your freezer to make something fantastic. But before this point in time, I've never purchased any of this magically handy stuff.

So, somewhere along the way I flipped the two and decided to use the phyllo as pie crust.

This can't be billed an absolute fail; the pastry actually held the filling just fine. Which is good, because I used mini tart pans, and if it had leaked out the bottom that would have been a mess.

But I can't say that I'm a fan of phyllo sheets in particular. First, I didn't defrost it. So it was hard to unroll. Second, it was annoying as all get out. When I wanted to tear it, it was tough as plastic wrap (my arch nemesis). When I didn't want it to tear, it crumbled. Argh! Won't be doing that again.

Seems like I'll be looking for puff pastry sheets. Anyone have any good ideas for prepared phyllo?