Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh noes! Digital TV!

I just read an article about the digital television conversion. As someone who knows nothing about TV, it was pretty eye opening. I mean, the whole thing is going to be a disaster on a smaller scale than the media will have you believe (but a disaster nonetheless), but all of the ins and outs of the conversion.

This is, of course, from someone who has a TV, but only watches DVDs (on a free $20 player), Wii, and hulu.

I am sure I will get a call from home that someone's TV isn't working, so I should study up. But it sounds like there's way more to it than just plugging in a thing the size of a cable box (didn't we finally get past those?). Even though I'm all for switching to digital signals, and forward progress and all that, I'm suspicious most people aren't very interested in doing a lot of internet research on making sure their TV works.

Guess we'll find out in a month ...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Now that school and the holidays are over, it's all wedding all the time. Each weekend we've been busy with plans and organizing. Before it seemed like the wedding was a long way off, and I felt totally unorganized. Now, it's around the corner! Luckily I feel a little more prepared.

Otherwise we've been:

  • Watching Firefly
  • Playing some Wii Ski
  • Checking in on the Wii Fit every day
  • Working 9 hours for that awesome every-other-Friday-off
  • Doing yoga during the week, and running on weekends
Coming up:
  • Wine tasting & lunch
  • A going away party
  • Cake decorating classes
  • OK ... and the rest is wedding related. So much to do!

Dear Cake Mate,

Since I've started really baking a lot, you have become a pretty familiar staple. Especially over the holidays.

However this holiday I was horrified to find that the tubes of decorating icing I have come to love are no longer sold in my local grocery.

I was busy with the holidays before, but this is totally unacceptable. These bags are neither easy nor squeezable (unless microwaved every 10 minutes for 10 seconds - that really ruins the gingerbread-decorating mojo).

On top of it all, it's expensive. Please stop selling this crap and go back to the tube. Or I will start making my own.

no love, emily