Friday, May 1, 2009

Last weekend Disneyland was so crowded even the overflow parking lots were full.

So we went to the Disneyland for grown-ups.

I don't know what it is but I love going to Ikea. Is it walking through the store with the frozen yogurt? The hot dog? The bright colors? Their furniture isn't the finest, but have you been to a regular furniture store lately? I have yet to see anything I really love, much less would pay over a thousand dollars for, in a "regular" furniture store. We'd have registered at Ikea, if it were a little more friendly to that kind of thing.

Maybe it's just fun to roam around and pretend like your living space was that cool.

And now, despite all of the issues I've been having with money lately (psychological, not physical), I want to go on a $2,000 shopping spree.

Kitchen table, $179

This is where the trouble started. We don't even need a table. We don't even have room for a table. But this is by far, the coolest table I have ever seen. It's modular enough that it might even make our dining ... walkway? room? look less cramped. Compared to other stores, it's ridiculously cheap.

Kitchen Cart, $99

I love kitchens with islands. Well, I love kitchens in general, except ours. Huge living room, generous bedroom, kitchen that is maybe 6" larger than the tiny one in my college apartment (which, by the way, had a similarly sized table as above with four chairs, and still had a pantry). Basically, this is the closest I could get to having an island. All I could think of was putting our new pots on the shelves, which would be ridiculously convenient.

Bookcase, $219

Previously mentioned large living room has one long wall that stretches all the way in to the dining ... no, I will not call it a room. Right now, we have the side table from one of those particle board desks that go on sale at Wal Mart every fall on which to put our keys and my bag(s). I'm not complaining about that; it's worked out really well. That's why we kept it. But this is beautiful and the picture doesn't do it justice. This is where the real trouble started and I started writing down measurements.

TV Stand, $150

I liked this when I saw it before. It comes in the same finish as the bookcase (matching? could we really have matching furniture??). Between the Wii, DVD player, games, controllers, and other stuff, I'd say our TV has outgrown the end table we've used for so long. I'd get baskets rather than drawers for the bottom though. Not a fan of drawers.

Bed, $299

Once upon a time, we were going to get a bed frame. I don't remember quite why we decided this was a good idea, but this is the only one I liked after many, many stores. Excuse me, do you have any catalogs in English?

Dresser, $279

Because this is already a slippery slope. And I'm convinced it would somehow hold more than our current dresser (like the table, nothing wrong with the current dresser).

Comforter, $149

IT SNAPS TOGETHER. We really, really don't need a comforter. Not even a little bit. But did I mention, IT SNAPS TOGETHER?? This must be why I love Ikea.

Storage Boxes, $26

Why double the price? Because I've decided I must have two. These are not so much an imaginary wish list item as they are an "I might go back and get these this weekend" item.

Drying Rack, $40

Quite possibly the most expensive drying rack ever. But if you live in a large apartment that somehow has no space, this is brilliant. Now if we just had any intention of putting anything on the walls...

If you're a nerd you'll add this up and say, "that's only $1,440!" Of course it is. But there's tax. LA County sales tax will make you cry. And then there's the "oh, wait ... we need to buy this shelf separately?" And some kitchen gadget I will suddenly be unable to cook another meal without.

And now you know why I don't have a house.