Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I think I can officially say that I spend every living minute awake in motion. I'm hardly ever home, and when I'm home, I'm doing something, working on something, or getting ready to go.

A little on my two summer classes: yes, I realize now, that traditionally people take one class over the summer. Consumer Behavior is a nice, fluffy class, but it makes me feel awful. I don't shop at "TJ's," don't have a TV and haven't seen a lot of commercials, I don't drive a luxury car nor spend $800 in gas every month. It's like being in an alternate universe. And yet, these are the people who are going to be marketing products and services to YOU. I have one case writeup and one final project to go. My Financial Statement Analysis class is more financial analyst soapbox than accounting (it's listed as an accounting class). The weekly homework assignments are epic.

Plus, the schedule is 6-10, Monday & Tuesday. Talk about tired! Six weeks to go.

When I'm not in class or at work, we spend a lot of time looking at houses (condos). We have the most amazing realtor, and we're very fortunate in that respect, but I'm coming to hate looking at real estate. The house that we loved (albeit out of our price range) is off the market, the dealbreaker elements kept piling up on our second choice, and everything else is just … OK. I'd hate to buy a place just to be done, but it's looking really tempting. The whole thing is somehow much easier, and yet much harder, than I expected. It appears, though, that like the wedding, I've set my expectations way too high.

Speaking of, the wedding planning has been on hold for the schoolwork and house hunting. I have a living things-to-do Google document that, oddly enough, I'm glad to see grow - that means progress! I can also say that I've crossed off a few things, like picking up my veil (I knew about the groom not seeing the dress, but I didn't know about not seeing the veil!), and finalizing with this fantastic photographer that we got hooked up with through the six-degrees game.

What about work, you say? That place you spend 50 hours a week? It's going well. I seem to be doing a good job, making people happy, etc. And of course, I trade funny IT support stories with my neighbor. I know I said I'd be a bigger person than that … but people are really funny sometimes. It's a good job for me, and I'm bummed I'll be leaving next year, but then it's always onward & upward.