Friday, December 7, 2007


Well, Newport News reopened their Amazon store. So of course I clicked through ... bought some items, that are still on their way (boy, they're slow!) ... and now I get a free magazine for spending over $25.

The choices are:

1. Details
2. Lucky
3. Teen Vogue

I'm not sure what to choose. Teen Vogue is definitely not my demographic (nor is it Newport News's!), nor is Details. So... I guess I'm going with Lucky. At least I'll have reading material on the way to Japan.


They're trying for a million views. Ready, set ... Go!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I hope you got to watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night. I was stuck in class getting a final exam grade and giving a presentation. I have to wait until they decide to stream in on line (hopefully in high-quality!). :-(

I would skip class to be in the show.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday was the big USC/UCLA game. No one I knew got tickets, and I was so overloaded with homework that I ended up watching it through the "snow" at home. It was quite a game! USC won so they get to go to the Rose Bowl.

As if that wasn't enough football for me, I hung around for the Missouri/Oklahoma game. Missouri's been doing really well lately, so it seemed like a good game to watch. But I ended up getting up and doing other things periodically because I kept thinking "Well, Oklahoma's hosed them now." Missouri kept coming back, but by the fourth quarter Oklahoma had it. Bummer.

Anyway, yesterday I said "Wouldn't it be crazy if Illinois and USC played?" Now, I didn't think that was even possible because, even in my retarded football knowledge, I know USC is in the PAC-10 and Illinois is in the Big 10 (11). First, I couldn't imagine Illinois winning enough games to get to that point. And second, it's kind of like saying "Wouldn't it be crazy if Batman and Superman duked it out?"

Andy instant messaged me today to tell me Illinois is going to the Rose Bowl. Now, if only I could get tickets!!

{edit: yes, I'm aware Illinois is going to get hosed. Either way I win though, so there.}


I wish school ended the first week of December so I could fully participate in Christmas activities. This year I've already done most of my shopping, but this is prime baking time. I'm pretty sure Christmas songs have subliminal messages that tell me to bake all sorts of cookies.

If I didn't have a paper, project, and exam coming up, I'd go to:

Mission Inn Festival of Lights

Yeah, this is about an hour away without traffic. But the picture looks great. And we considered having the wedding there, but decided against it because the area wasn't too nice and it was much too far away. We still had a fun day checking out the architecture though.


OK, OK ... you know we'll go see it before Christmas. I'll blow something off to go, and it'll be so worth it. I just wish I could go MORE. I can't wait to see the new castle effects.

Griffith Park

Putting up lights in public parks isn't really a big thing out here. It was always one of my favorite things to do in St. Louis. Hopefully we'll find the time to go (and they'll still be open) this year. But this is also about an hour away. We had a great time at the observatory, and the park looks like prime location for this sort of thing.

Rose Hills

I drove by Rose Hills today and they've changed their sign on the hill (think the Hollywood sign in neon) from pink to red and green. My favorite station (at least between Thanksgiving and Christmas, just look at their page!) has been advertising it. It's only about a half hour away but I think I missed it for a group meeting. Oh well, at least I got about an hour and a half of Christmas songs in the car.


Once again, I have to question Amazon's ability to differentiate gender: