Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hm, today was a rough day. I've been working intently on learning a very big monthly project at work, which took me all of Tuesday and today until the very end of the day. And I'll be doing it again at the end of this month. I know I should be flattered, but why do all of my managers like to leave me "in charge" when they're gone?

On top of that, I've fallen behind on my 100 push up challenge. Well, I was on top of it. And then week three hit, and I certainly wasn't ready to do 16 at a time. So I guess I'm stuck demoting myself to week two, until I can do those with some ease. Although I've lost some of my chicken wings!

Then, I got a letter from USC and Illinois. I thought both were hitting me up for money (Illinois was). And actually, the letter from USC was to "the Family of" me. Erm ... USC, I'm a little too old for you to be sending letters to my mom & dad (although I'm sure they would love it). It was a letter for graduating seniors to have their yearbook picture taken.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not old enough to drive? Don't have a car?

Unfortunately they do not sell an accompanying bed subwoofer. Although I am sure all the ladies love it.

One of my friends from work sent this quiz out today. And yes, the email notice popped up while my boss was at my desk. Oh well! I have friends!

What kind of shoe are you?

I think my results are pretty accurate. I had to get rid of my last pair of clogs, but I'm game for a new pair ...

You're a sandal by summer and a clog by fall.
Less is more as far as you're concerned, but you still manage to look beautiful all the time. You don't really care about the latest trends, but you're psyched that all the stores are carrying the latest yoga clothing now. The new, fashionable flat sandals for spring have your name all over them, and you can't wait to start wearing yours. They're functional and comfortable, and best of all they look fabulous. Inner beauty is just as important to you as outer beauty, and it shows in the natural glow you radiate.

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a great 3 day weekend. Just what I needed before the semester gets in full swing.

  • I had fun making cookies with my new cookie press/icing gun. I made almond macaroons with my standard buttercream frosting filling. It didn't quite work the way I expected (don't ask me what I was expecting) but it was really great. The reviews are right!
  • Had a great run Sunday. I feel like I'm really making good improvements. Not much pain today, although an Advil PM and Stopain helped with that (even if I do smell like an old lady ... sweet cold relief!). I have the nagging feeling it's time for new shoes, though. I do put them through a lot more than the average person. Also, need to recalibrate my running stride so Nike+ doesn't get confused again.
  • Had dinner with a friend in LA that I don't get to see often and haven't seen in ages. We hobbled around together; it was fun times.
  • Lovely, lovely engagement pictures. I can't wait for the wedding photos!
  • Managed 15 push ups toward the 100 push up challenge!
  • No work and no school on Monday! And a short work week, so next weekend is all that much closer!
The one complaint I have is that I couldn't go running except for Sunday. Maybe it's similar to how Olympians get depressed after the games are over? Probably not.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today was my thoroughly exciting Disneyland Half Marathon!

Sorry to ruin the suspense! I had in the back of my mind (since last week, and halfway through the race) that I could beat 2:30. Which is a big improvement from last year's 2:47. But I didn't find out I had beaten my goal until I talked to my parents, who were confused because they had my actual chip time. I figured I had a 10 minute late start on the clock ... didn't know it was almost 15!

Here's the recap. Everyone seems to want to know, "How did the race go?" Honestly, I kind of block out the whole middle of the run ...

Saw Andy right out of the gate. He got some great pictures (check out Facebook)!
Mile 2: Discovered running + drinking = too hard. Made mental note to actually drink at the next station.
Mile 3: Ran through the castle. Always a highlight. And, my Nike+ was now noticeably off.
Mile 5: Actually walked so I could get some water. At every stop, the water tasted ... gritty. Ew.
Mile 8: Ow.
Mile 10: Andy again! It was fun looking for him. Kind of like Where's Waldo.
Mile 12: Nike+ says "Congrats! You're done!" People were probably wondering why I was running along saying "shut up."
Mile 13: Everything hurts. I walked just 2 steps until a woman passed me and said, "Don't stop now!!" It was just outside the Rainforest Cafe. And she was super right.

What a fantastic day. Good weather, a consistent pace the whole time, beat everyone's expectations (especially mine), and a shiny new gold medal to add to my collection.

Oh yeah, and I can't walk.