Monday, September 1, 2008

What a great 3 day weekend. Just what I needed before the semester gets in full swing.

  • I had fun making cookies with my new cookie press/icing gun. I made almond macaroons with my standard buttercream frosting filling. It didn't quite work the way I expected (don't ask me what I was expecting) but it was really great. The reviews are right!
  • Had a great run Sunday. I feel like I'm really making good improvements. Not much pain today, although an Advil PM and Stopain helped with that (even if I do smell like an old lady ... sweet cold relief!). I have the nagging feeling it's time for new shoes, though. I do put them through a lot more than the average person. Also, need to recalibrate my running stride so Nike+ doesn't get confused again.
  • Had dinner with a friend in LA that I don't get to see often and haven't seen in ages. We hobbled around together; it was fun times.
  • Lovely, lovely engagement pictures. I can't wait for the wedding photos!
  • Managed 15 push ups toward the 100 push up challenge!
  • No work and no school on Monday! And a short work week, so next weekend is all that much closer!
The one complaint I have is that I couldn't go running except for Sunday. Maybe it's similar to how Olympians get depressed after the games are over? Probably not.

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