Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hm, today was a rough day. I've been working intently on learning a very big monthly project at work, which took me all of Tuesday and today until the very end of the day. And I'll be doing it again at the end of this month. I know I should be flattered, but why do all of my managers like to leave me "in charge" when they're gone?

On top of that, I've fallen behind on my 100 push up challenge. Well, I was on top of it. And then week three hit, and I certainly wasn't ready to do 16 at a time. So I guess I'm stuck demoting myself to week two, until I can do those with some ease. Although I've lost some of my chicken wings!

Then, I got a letter from USC and Illinois. I thought both were hitting me up for money (Illinois was). And actually, the letter from USC was to "the Family of" me. Erm ... USC, I'm a little too old for you to be sending letters to my mom & dad (although I'm sure they would love it). It was a letter for graduating seniors to have their yearbook picture taken.


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