Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today was my thoroughly exciting Disneyland Half Marathon!

Sorry to ruin the suspense! I had in the back of my mind (since last week, and halfway through the race) that I could beat 2:30. Which is a big improvement from last year's 2:47. But I didn't find out I had beaten my goal until I talked to my parents, who were confused because they had my actual chip time. I figured I had a 10 minute late start on the clock ... didn't know it was almost 15!

Here's the recap. Everyone seems to want to know, "How did the race go?" Honestly, I kind of block out the whole middle of the run ...

Saw Andy right out of the gate. He got some great pictures (check out Facebook)!
Mile 2: Discovered running + drinking = too hard. Made mental note to actually drink at the next station.
Mile 3: Ran through the castle. Always a highlight. And, my Nike+ was now noticeably off.
Mile 5: Actually walked so I could get some water. At every stop, the water tasted ... gritty. Ew.
Mile 8: Ow.
Mile 10: Andy again! It was fun looking for him. Kind of like Where's Waldo.
Mile 12: Nike+ says "Congrats! You're done!" People were probably wondering why I was running along saying "shut up."
Mile 13: Everything hurts. I walked just 2 steps until a woman passed me and said, "Don't stop now!!" It was just outside the Rainforest Cafe. And she was super right.

What a fantastic day. Good weather, a consistent pace the whole time, beat everyone's expectations (especially mine), and a shiny new gold medal to add to my collection.

Oh yeah, and I can't walk.

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