Monday, August 25, 2008

Remember the first day of school, when you had all your new supplies and were all excited to start brand new classes that weren't more of the same-old you suffered through last year, you got to see all your friends again, and it was all so very exciting?

Today's the first day of school. And I am getting way too old for this.

I trekked all over campus after work today to buy my books (amazing how lax you get with that), stopped by the business building to ask about graduating (for reals!) and finally made it to the odd, outcast building in which one of my classes will be held this semester. Campus is filled with the 20-and-under set, making me feel really, really old.

Plus, my one solitary week off was super hectic. Between obsessively watching the Olympics, my parents visited and did a ton of my wedding planning (thanks mom & dad!), I ran a ton, picked up my dress and stashed it at my very generous aunt- and uncle-to-be's house, took engagement pictures, visited with some similarly off of school friends, and basically spent no time just relaxing. And I still didn't get nearly everything done!

Speaking of, my grandmother's birthday is in a couple of days. I didn't forget - but I am just now going to get to send a card ... now if only I can find a picture and make it in the next 10 minutes ...

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