Monday, January 11, 2010

Green Bean Casserole

This Thanksgiving, I was set on making green bean casserole. Yes, the cliche green bean casserole; the reason for French fried onion and cream of mushroom soup's existence. I'm not even really a fan of green beans or green bean casserole. I think what I was really craving this particular Thanksgiving was tradition, since my past few holidays have been so untraditional.

I actually made it twice; the first for Thanksgiving, and the second for a Christmas party just a couple of weeks later.

For Thanksgiving, I added bacon because I was feeling punchy. Also, I used cream of broccoli soup instead of cream of mushroom. First, because we didn't have any cream of mushroom soup on hand. Second, because my husband hates mushrooms, and I doubt we'll ever have any on hand. I don't particularly hate mushrooms, but they're on the list of "foods that I want to like, but just don't, so it's justified." It's a short list.

The bacon-version went over well.

For the Christmas party, I wanted something different. Not that I have a particular aversion to making the same thing twice, or that I like to mess with success. I think I was just craving cheese.

So the second time, I made it with broccoli cheese soup. Despite not particularly liking green beans, these both turned out really well. Since it was a fairly large party, I made two batches (and there wasn't much left!). Guess everyone else was craving some comfort food this year, too.