Saturday, November 3, 2007


This is adorable. I think I need one.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Happy November!

Today was sort of a fun day. The company I kind of work for (long story) has a 9/80 schedule. It was gloomy and foggy, the kind of day you'd rather stay in bed. Since not too many people were at work, there just wasn't much going on. Which was nice, after month-end.

I got a number of compliments on my new cut. And it was very easy to style this morning.

Andy and I have been watching The Office online occasionally. It's a funny show, even though I don't like Steve Carrell much. The sad part is, we talk about how our office should be a reality TV show. I think most people think we're exaggerating, or making things up, but really - it's as crazy as the show. If not more so, because it's real life!

We had lunch at Ruby's to discuss just that. Their chili leaves something to be desired, but their Pumpkin milkshake was fantastic! I loved the candy corn touch. Too bad it pushed me far over my daily calories (which is working, because I'm just a couple of pounds from my college weight target). The waitress was sort of confused by my friend's cut-out puppets. Yes, it was that complex of a story.

One of my coworkers is getting married in a week! I talked to her this afternoon about wedding things. She, also, did not have a good answer to getting out of inviting awkward family to the wedding.

After I got home I saw an email for the Priscilla of Boston Spring 2008 collection runway shows. I fell asleep about halfway in the middle of the Melissa Sweet collection (which I didn't like much anyway). Andy and I went grocery shopping and I got my ingredients for hummus and chili, which thrilled Andy.

So, I didn't get any homework done. But this weekend I'll be SQL-ing like crazy!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Slim-Fast website is down, so I can't log my happy meal. My group meeting is over (and went pretty well. So, what's left to do? Sure, I could just go to bed. But I'd rather shop.

These are so pretty, but I know the picture's enlarged. I just like the cut - it's very unusual. (Yes, they're CZ. Girl's gotta be realistic here.)

Yes, I'm starting to think about Christmas. My mom has already asked me what I want (more time would be good, thanks!). That means.... present time!

I'd like to get personalized note cards for my grandma. Papyrus has some beautiful sets ... but I think I need something a little more within budget.

I know my dad will be getting his Sports Illustrated renewed. He loves it! I also have a gift from Alaska for both him and my mom, but I decided to hold on to them until Christmas so that I could transport them safely.

After that though ... then what?? I think I have some shopping to do!


Hooray! I got my hair cut today (finally) by the magical Melanie at JC Penney. Now I look like Leslie Feist!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh yeah....

Happy Halloween!

I spent it in class taking a quiz and learning about coping and defense mechanisms (and yes, I'm still an MBA candidate).

What did you do? Tell me so I can live vicariously through you, while hating school at the same time.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, there goes October! Coming this November:

  • An enormous SQL assignment
  • Working on my group database project
  • Two more project management homework assignments
  • Two more self-management class write-ups
  • Starting on the final paper for self-management
  • Registering for spring classes
  • Getting my paperwork together for the international trip
  • Database testing at work
  • Thanksgiving
  • Two more case write ups for project management
  • Long overdue oil change for my car
  • Doctor's appointment
  • Buy glasses and contact lenses (and use up that FSA!)
  • Christmas shopping
Yesterday I read this hysterical article off CNN's Oprah page. Since we all know that Oprah has mind-bending svengali powers, you know it's right on. I know I'm not a single mom (whew!) but I do have quite a few people I like to take care of. Given the coming month, it was kind of nice to commiserate...

Funny Woman's Unbelievably Busy Day

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The fires here are just about under control, thanks to some dense fog Thursday. I took some pictures on my way to work and school in Irvine Wednesday with my camera phone, but they didn't turn out well.

These are from my way to work. The traffic was bad so I was on Westminster. The clouds around the sun aren't clouds, they're actually smoke.

I took these pictures on the way to Irvine on 405 around South Coast Plaza. Midwesterners might recognize the smoke looking like a wall cloud, that comes before a tornado.

*note Disneyland Mickey & Friends parking garage ticket in the reflection. You can also see that the highway was almost empty, and this was around 5 p.m.


Since this weekend was sort of Halloween weekend, here are my costumes:

Friday: IOM Business Student

Yup, spent another day on campus in a group meeting with my professor that started off badly, but ended a little better. But, with 6 weeks left in the semester, I have the feeling it's going to be a lot of work. I got home about 8:30 and Andy had made dinner, but I pretty much passed out after that.

Saturday: USC fan

I wasn't sure how much I felt like going to Manhattan Beach to watch the SC game, but I'm glad we went. USC lost to Oregon, but they were the better team and it was a close game. Also, that morning, I woke up to this horrible sharp pain in my shoulder. I think it was from sleeping on a different pillow because of the laundry snafu (which I just learned stands for "situation normal, all f-ed up"). After the game we made a stop at Target for necessities (deodorant, bath soap, and autumn mix!). For dinner, we tried to finish off the pizza from last week, but I think we'll still have some leftovers. Afterwards I spent the rest of the night doing homework and staring at Allure Bridals. I. Love. This. Site. My current favorite:

Sunday morning: Runner

Finally, it was the pumpkin run! Although, I was kind of disappointed. I hadn't been running for almost three weeks because of being sick, busy, or the fires. Even though I've been keeping up with yoga at home, that won't help much running a few miles. Just after the run started, I thought I was going to pass out. I don't know if it was lack of food, the fires, the air quality, or lack of training, but I kept wondering if I fell over if anyone would stop and help me out. Anyway, I finished at 34:34, 3 minutes longer than last year. Oddly enough, there were so few in my division that my time got me third place! So even though my time was terrible, it worked out. We also stocked up on SoyJoy bars since they had so many left over, and had our traditional unhealthy after-race breakfast at Burger King.

Sunday (afternoon/evening): Cook

The best part of the run was getting a pumpkin at the end! I spent the afternoon cutting one up and calling home, then boiling it for probably about an hour, and mashing it. After that, I had a giant lump of yellow mush. We had to make a quick Wal-Mart run for evaporated milk, because I wanted to start with the pie. Once that was in the oven and baking, I started on the bread, which is surprisingly similar to the cookie recipe. I realized not a minute too soon that the pie and bread needed to be baked at the same temperature, so for a while I had both going at the same time!

For dinner, Andy finished off the pizza, and I had to think a little while because, even though I was hungry, I had used up most of my calories for the day on breakfast. :( So I made the easiest thing ever: pasta with shrimp, and an olive oil and lemon pepper sauce. It took about 10 minutes to make, about 400 calories, and so very good!