Friday, November 2, 2007


Happy November!

Today was sort of a fun day. The company I kind of work for (long story) has a 9/80 schedule. It was gloomy and foggy, the kind of day you'd rather stay in bed. Since not too many people were at work, there just wasn't much going on. Which was nice, after month-end.

I got a number of compliments on my new cut. And it was very easy to style this morning.

Andy and I have been watching The Office online occasionally. It's a funny show, even though I don't like Steve Carrell much. The sad part is, we talk about how our office should be a reality TV show. I think most people think we're exaggerating, or making things up, but really - it's as crazy as the show. If not more so, because it's real life!

We had lunch at Ruby's to discuss just that. Their chili leaves something to be desired, but their Pumpkin milkshake was fantastic! I loved the candy corn touch. Too bad it pushed me far over my daily calories (which is working, because I'm just a couple of pounds from my college weight target). The waitress was sort of confused by my friend's cut-out puppets. Yes, it was that complex of a story.

One of my coworkers is getting married in a week! I talked to her this afternoon about wedding things. She, also, did not have a good answer to getting out of inviting awkward family to the wedding.

After I got home I saw an email for the Priscilla of Boston Spring 2008 collection runway shows. I fell asleep about halfway in the middle of the Melissa Sweet collection (which I didn't like much anyway). Andy and I went grocery shopping and I got my ingredients for hummus and chili, which thrilled Andy.

So, I didn't get any homework done. But this weekend I'll be SQL-ing like crazy!

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