Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, there goes October! Coming this November:

  • An enormous SQL assignment
  • Working on my group database project
  • Two more project management homework assignments
  • Two more self-management class write-ups
  • Starting on the final paper for self-management
  • Registering for spring classes
  • Getting my paperwork together for the international trip
  • Database testing at work
  • Thanksgiving
  • Two more case write ups for project management
  • Long overdue oil change for my car
  • Doctor's appointment
  • Buy glasses and contact lenses (and use up that FSA!)
  • Christmas shopping
Yesterday I read this hysterical article off CNN's Oprah page. Since we all know that Oprah has mind-bending svengali powers, you know it's right on. I know I'm not a single mom (whew!) but I do have quite a few people I like to take care of. Given the coming month, it was kind of nice to commiserate...

Funny Woman's Unbelievably Busy Day

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