Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today in the mail (in addition to my daily little white envelopes) I got two interesting items to remind me of the other big things going on in my life:

Item #1

A delivery slip. Filled out with my full (I mean full, and if you know me you know how often I use that) name in capital letters. With extra time taken to fill out the sender's name as "USC/Degree Progress." And the article number?


Lesson learned: take the extra two seconds to make someone's day special.

Item #2

A catalog of USC graduation crap I can buy. I feel a little too old for a class ring - although it's apparently "the ultimate symbol of your Trojan achievement." (Isn't that the degree itself? How silly of me. $85k degree versus a $300 ring.) Although now I'm feeling a little sentimental and want graduation announcements. Wait, $60 for 25? Nevermind.

Oh, and my first car payment. Doh.