Friday, October 5, 2007


I stayed home today to get well. And I am feeling much better (thank you!)

So, today, here are some things that I love:

  • Good surprises. Even if they don't involve me!
  • Very windy days. They remind me of when I was little, and we lived on top of a very big hill, and it would get very windy.
  • Tomato soup with cheese on top.
  • Knowing what I'm doing, homework-wise.
  • Losing weight with a healthier diet, running, and yoga.
And here are some things I don't particularly care for:
  • Being sick.
  • Powerpoint.
  • Homework!
  • Missing out on fun stuff because I'm too tired from being sick.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am such a jewelry whore. Imagine if you were a new mom, this would be the perfect gift! If I knew the designer, or where to buy it, i would...



I need to stop reading Weddingbee (Brides, the Knot, WeddingChannel). I've developed serious feelings of inadequacy.

To Do

OK, I haven't done this in a while. Here's an update on the to do list, now kept neatly on my iGoogle page:

This weekend:

  • Sleep.
  • Pay the car registration.
  • Do my Database Management reading and practice problems.
  • Work on my Project Management midterm.
  • Finish Project Management homework #3.
  • At least halfway finish Critical Chain. (why does this class have so much homework??)
  • Finish reading Coping with Difficult People, and start reading Crucial Conversations.
  • Do a 1-page writeup for self-help.
  • Use the wonky banana to make bread, or muffins, or ... something.
In the near future:
  • Make these caramel pots that I saw on Oh Happy Day. (bows to martha)
  • Run in the Pumpkin Run 5K, and get my pumpkin!
  • Use my pumpkin to make pie from scratch, and this bread for Maggie.
  • Still need new sunglasses.
  • Mail my 8x10 photo of myself with a company director.
I know there's more, but my head is rather full right now.


10-4, good buddy!

My quasi-cold with sniffles is now a full blown cold. I'm sorry I went to work (for more than one reason).


I confined myself to my desk and hid out. I was pretty much miserable all day. I did go to the Corner Deli to pick up lunch; I didn't want to go to Von's and touch the soup pots. I was also desperate for either a mozzarella and tomato or veggie sandwich, but it was cold in the office so I wanted soup too. I ended up with chicken & wild rice soup, which I didn't like too much - I don't know if it was because of my cold or if it was the monster sized pieces of chicken. I also got a veggie sandwich reminiscent of Jimmy John's, but just not quite up to par. Yep, that was basically my day.

I also found and was reading Mental Floss. It seems like I've heard of it before, but it's full of funny and interesting trivia, and I am a font of useless knowledge. My favorite post? The flickr photo series showing the limitations of the BMI calculation. Some of the people looked perfectly normal! I can't complain though; I'm solidly in the "normal" range. I may need to add Mental Floss to my daily readings.

I came home tonight and slept. Then made chicken ravioli for dinner, ready when Andy got home (I love doing the good housewife thing!). I certainly didn't get very far on my homework. There's always tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Now I have that quasi-cold that's going around. It's not bad enough to merit a sick day, though. I may as well sit at work as sit at home. I've been rather in the dumps lately, and being at work seems to ... OK, being at work doesn't help the bummers.

My database "midterm" was pretty miserable. Nearly 3 hours of ERDs, with no book or notes to help. The professor was very forthcoming with help, though.

I heard a very cool rendition of "Puttin on the Ritz" on the way home tonight. Too bad JackFM doesn't give artists.

I can save 15% at Joann's with AAA! And 10% at Target! If only I could remember to use it.

Fresh mangoes are a great breakfast or snack.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Another uneventful day! I went to a different Joann's, and it had a much better selection. Now I'm ready to party!

Instead of my day, here's some links I read:

Sometimes I read Test Pattern on MSNBC. Today's post was about unnecessary and incorrect punctuation. You can read some links here and here; I thought they were hysterical.

I also read this post off Weddingbee. It combines a bunch of things I like: food, art deco, the 1920s, and cooking! I was surprised by some of the history. You should check it out here!

Happy October!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Altogether, even with the schoolwork, it's been a very good weekend.

We slept in late, and went to Denny's for breakfast. Their veggie omelets leave something to be desired - they're filled with mostly onions, green peppers, and tomatoes. I ended up getting the grand slam, with egg beaters! I was shocked how good they were, given that they're substitutes. I liked them enough to think that I'll have to buy some for my homemade omelets (with a vastly better selection of veggies and salsa). For the record: Andy makes way better pancakes than Denny's, or anywhere else!

One last group meeting to look over the paper and presentation. My PM group is amazing! It's nice to have a group of hard workers. Afterwards I went back to Dealing with Difficult People.

We then made the mistake of going across the street for some necessities. It was a pretty hot, and crowded, and the traffic is a nightmare. But, I got my gas for the week, waited at Ross for a very long time for a cute picture frame set, and spent some time at Sam's buying lunch meat, milk, toilet paper, and mangoes.

We spent the rest of the evening at LBCC feeding and petting the giant flock of bunnies, and looking for frozen yogurt. I've never been to Golden Spoon before, but it was really good! And, didn't break my diet. The fried rice noodles I made leftover from last night might have, though. I tried to make up for it with a Power Yoga session. Some of the bunny photos turned out so well, I'd say they're Cute Overload candidates! Then, back to reading, and bed.