Thursday, October 4, 2007


10-4, good buddy!

My quasi-cold with sniffles is now a full blown cold. I'm sorry I went to work (for more than one reason).


I confined myself to my desk and hid out. I was pretty much miserable all day. I did go to the Corner Deli to pick up lunch; I didn't want to go to Von's and touch the soup pots. I was also desperate for either a mozzarella and tomato or veggie sandwich, but it was cold in the office so I wanted soup too. I ended up with chicken & wild rice soup, which I didn't like too much - I don't know if it was because of my cold or if it was the monster sized pieces of chicken. I also got a veggie sandwich reminiscent of Jimmy John's, but just not quite up to par. Yep, that was basically my day.

I also found and was reading Mental Floss. It seems like I've heard of it before, but it's full of funny and interesting trivia, and I am a font of useless knowledge. My favorite post? The flickr photo series showing the limitations of the BMI calculation. Some of the people looked perfectly normal! I can't complain though; I'm solidly in the "normal" range. I may need to add Mental Floss to my daily readings.

I came home tonight and slept. Then made chicken ravioli for dinner, ready when Andy got home (I love doing the good housewife thing!). I certainly didn't get very far on my homework. There's always tomorrow.

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