Thursday, October 4, 2007

To Do

OK, I haven't done this in a while. Here's an update on the to do list, now kept neatly on my iGoogle page:

This weekend:

  • Sleep.
  • Pay the car registration.
  • Do my Database Management reading and practice problems.
  • Work on my Project Management midterm.
  • Finish Project Management homework #3.
  • At least halfway finish Critical Chain. (why does this class have so much homework??)
  • Finish reading Coping with Difficult People, and start reading Crucial Conversations.
  • Do a 1-page writeup for self-help.
  • Use the wonky banana to make bread, or muffins, or ... something.
In the near future:
  • Make these caramel pots that I saw on Oh Happy Day. (bows to martha)
  • Run in the Pumpkin Run 5K, and get my pumpkin!
  • Use my pumpkin to make pie from scratch, and this bread for Maggie.
  • Still need new sunglasses.
  • Mail my 8x10 photo of myself with a company director.
I know there's more, but my head is rather full right now.

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