Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One of my friends from work sent this quiz out today. And yes, the email notice popped up while my boss was at my desk. Oh well! I have friends!

What kind of shoe are you?

I think my results are pretty accurate. I had to get rid of my last pair of clogs, but I'm game for a new pair ...

You're a sandal by summer and a clog by fall.
Less is more as far as you're concerned, but you still manage to look beautiful all the time. You don't really care about the latest trends, but you're psyched that all the stores are carrying the latest yoga clothing now. The new, fashionable flat sandals for spring have your name all over them, and you can't wait to start wearing yours. They're functional and comfortable, and best of all they look fabulous. Inner beauty is just as important to you as outer beauty, and it shows in the natural glow you radiate.

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