Monday, September 8, 2008

Whew. The past few days have been just so crazy.

I had to drop/add a class. It's late in the semester, but a lot of things were going wrong. As it's my last semester, I was hoping to save some last little shred of sanity. I replaced my consulting project class with good old, tried-and-true corporate finance. The professor gave me some doubting Thomas excuses, but I joined up anyway. Prerequisites? It's a required core-year course. Background? My undergrad, if there had been an emphasis as such, would have been corporate finance. Really, how could I not be prepared at this point??

That being said, please send a few positive thoughts my way that all goes well the next three months. It's so close, it almost seems like it's not really going to happen.

Work was especially crazy with both managers in. Sometimes I wonder just how many jobs I have.

This weekend, though, was wonderful. I mostly had the school business worked out by Friday night, and Saturday we got up and went to SeaWorld. No kidding! I've never been, so it was especially exciting for me. We spent most of the day soaked in dolphin splashes, and saw Shamu (of which there were three, and they looked like they were having a pretty good time). The park was starting winter hours so we cleaned up a little and hung out at a bar just off the ocean. We left after breakfast the next day. I was so bummed to come home - back to laundry, catching up in class, work, work, work. I don't want to associate home with work.

Well, time to finish the writeup. Or start it. Although I was thinking, "Why don't they have almond M&Ms?" They do. Now I'm craving them, along with every other kind of junky food you can imagine.

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