Thursday, December 20, 2007


Oh my, where have I been?

Well, school got really hectic at the end of the semester. I had quite a few weeks where I had very little homework and studying to do, and looking back, I wish I could have worked ahead but I really couldn't have. But the semester is finally over, and I haven't gotten a single interesting (read: grade related) email to my school account since Tuesday.

  • My project management professor graded the final exams really, really quickly, so I already know my grade. He graded the exams and assigned final grades only two days after the final. I was kind of disappointed and felt a little misled - I mean, I got 100% on just about everything!
  • I turned in a 14-page paper on the things that I learned about myself in self-help. Funny thing was, I actually did learn things! It wasn't too hard to fill up the minimum 12 pages, and my professor seemed happy about it, so hopefully I will do well in that class.
  • Finally, database. Oh, how awful that class was. I really wanted to learn; and I did learn a lot. But the project was so huge, and hard for people who thought Microsoft Access was really good database software. I'm proud of what we turned in, though ... so all I can do is hope for the best.
With this semester, I am officially half-way done with the program and on schedule for a December 2008 graduation. It can't come soon enough!

And work is work, I suppose. We had two holiday parties, which usually one would expect to be pleasant but ... work-y. I have such a fun group of friends in the department, though, that they were actually really fun. We laughed a ton!

On the actual work front, though, things are a little sticky with the current situation, and my being scheduled to change jobs in March. Also, I'd like to motion for eliminating performance evaluations. They are much to subjective and biased.

With school running so late this year, along with some family difficulty, I am terribly far behind on Christmas. It took me three weekends to make all my cookies, and I had barely started shopping for gifts by the time we turned in our project. It's put me in the position to visit the mall twice, when I'm completely agoraphobic during the holidays. And I still haven't finished! I'm going shopping (or something, we'll see) with my friend tomorrow, and likely Saturday when I get to Omaha, but Christmas is in a mere 5 days! Whew. I can't wait to see everyone, but I'm afraid I've fallen short of my usual lofty "perfect gift" goals this year.

Time to pack, and get the apartment ready for the trip!

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