Thursday, January 24, 2008


My dad emailed me today that he was shocked to hear it's rained all week in L.A. I replied:

"Normally I laugh and say it's not raining here, but it's rained all week! I may need a life raft!"

Because, usually, the news gets the conditions wrong like you wouldn't believe.

This week:

  • Uneventful at work. Though things are getting a little more hectic now that I only have 2 months left.
  • I confess: I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Wikipedia had this to say about it:
"Studies have also related carpal tunnel and other upper extremity complaints with psychological and social factors. A large amount of psychological distress showed doubled risk of the report of pain, while job demands, poor support from colleagues, and work dissatisfaction also showed an increase in the report of pain, even after short term exposure. A minority viewpoint holds that stress is the main cause, rather than a contributing factor, of a large fraction of pain symptoms usually attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome."

I do not think I have pain because I don't like my job. That being said, I don't really appreciate the sympathy pains people say they have. A little twinge in your wrist is not quite what I'm experiencing. From experience: it's a very real injury and it's horribly painful.
  • Yesterday I went to the gym (good girl!) and who was next to me on the stair machine but my new manager! I talked to him today, and he's a very nice person.
  • Lately my wedding planning has basically been reading True Bride Confessions. I haven't posted any "me too"s because I don't want to confess. That being said, my ring is looking exceptionally pretty right now. I like it.
  • I wish school was this laid back all semester.
  • I've been very good about cooking and bringing lunch to work, and generally not shopping, to recover from my trip. My taxes are just about done, and so far it looks like I'll get one of those $300 checks from the government this year!

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