Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Tuesday I finished my penultimate semester of grad school. Whew! Who takes two classes over the summer??

  • Consumer Behavior could have been more interesting, but the rough part was that I didn't fit the demographic of the class at all. No luxury cars, face creams, gourmet cupcakes here. Plus, the group project was pretty tough just to get the members to fill the requirements! It's really a different group than my IOM classes. On the other hand, it was nice not having a final exam (as I didn't read the book).
  • Financial Statement Analysis was just plain brutal. It's listed as an accounting class - I checked and double checked pretty often. It was taught as a finance class. I've taken both versions before, and they were pretty difficult, so I figured I could work my way through this too. But if you thought financial statements were subjective, wait until you hear some of the analysis "methods" out there! It's almost an entirely subjective class. The homeworks were long (but shorter toward the end), and I can imagine a project added on top would have made it insane. Luckily, the final didn't seem too awful, although I still couldn't venture a guess as to how well I did.
Both classes typically filled the four-hour time slot (when most everyone else I know got out early), and both classes I imagine would have been a lot more work in the full fall/spring semesters. But, since there weren't any IOM classes to be found during the summer (why offer the specialization if you're not going to offer the classes??), they were OK substitutes. After all, they make me look much more well-rounded.

Since I bid for fall classes, I've changed my mind on my second class twice. My first class is digital industry strategy class. For the second, I bid and won a finance class, because I felt like I should be taking a finance class and I've already got the finance degree. Then I switched to a high-tech business strategy class, because I'd heard it was good and I really haven't been happy with the finance classes. After this summer, I think I'll stick with IOM classes, so I've signed up for the available two. Why not take classes that will advance your career plans? At least I'll get to see some of my IOM buddies!

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