Friday, August 1, 2008

What a weird week. I'm so glad it's over!!!

Monday: Fine, except for a ton of crazy drivers out. I guess the things to come were why everyone was acting odd. That, and my school group decided to have a group meeting - after class! Until 10:30! I'm too old for that.

Tuesday: That was the "big one," of course. It had started out fine until the big earthquake around lunchtime. I was about to stand up, stretch, take a little break and hit the ice cream social when it started. All I could do was sit in my cube and watch the modular cube walls and hanging fluorescent lights sway. We've had little earthquakes since I've moved, but nothing worth anything more than just giggling and saying "that was crazy!" I was utterly convinced the building would collapse - it felt like it was rolling on balls. I even got motion sick; it lasted at least a full minute. I tried to be cool like everyone else, but I've never been so scared in my life! The whole world isn't supposed to move around you like that - I'm used to the ground being where it is, without fail. No damage and no injuries, of course. But, it seems that my work had it worse than Andy's; odd, but definitely not an award I want!! At least traffic wasn't bad that night, and my class didn't go all the way through to 10:30 as threatened. Just a homework assignment and final left for that class!

Wednesday: It was a long, long day. After yoga some friends went to a happy hour in Long Beach. I was horribly tired, but it was fun. Until half the group left and the rest of us remaining were stuck $300 short on the bill. No kidding. If anyone was there who left before that happened just know: we are not friends right now.

Thursday: Arrived at work to a snippy email, got a call from someone in my former rotation arguing about what I did then (four months ago - and wanting me to explain to them what they had been doing since then!), left work late, called home, ran, had dinner, and slept. Totally unnecessarily high-stress day.

Friday: At least today was more ... chill. Maybe things are going back to normal now that the earthquake is long over?

This weekend I need to arrange our engagement shoot with our photographer and start looking for a pair of jeans that actually fit (I tried on 10 today, and not a single one fit). I've got a bucketload of schoolwork to do, and July was over so quickly and it's hot hot August, but I'm still dreaming about that white Christmas.

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