Sunday, November 16, 2008

It may or may not be all over your news about the fires out here in SoCal. Of course, it's all over our news. This time they're really close to where we live - fires in Brea, Corona, and Anaheim Hills. They're also close to my aunt- and uncle-in-law-to-be's home ... and I never would have thought a wildfire would get that far into civilization!

The wind changes pretty often and to be fair it looks clearer now, but it looked something like this all day yesterday:

(from the kitchen window)

(the crap that's falling from the sky - yes, big chunks like that! and who would have thought it would snow in southern California...)

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(from our patio. remember the nothing from the neverending story?)

I saw one facebook status update of someone who lost their house - it sounds like they might have lived in the area that firefighters didn't even try to save, because for some odd reason there was no water pressure. The whole thing is pretty horrible. Seriously, we had the shake-out the same week as wildfires?? Who would want to live here?? (I don't really, at least not right now.)

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Roxy said...

WOW... be safe! Are people wearing respirators or anything?