Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random observations from today:

My cake decorating class cost $25. Score! Today I found out it's probably because of all the equipment you have to buy, even with the 10% student discount. I'm going to make do with other things, like my glass pans rather than the professional baking pans, and a big knife instead of a leveler. But some of it is nice, like the gel color kit. I know I'll love that.

This great little tip tumbled in to my reader today: click here to opt-out of getting phone books. I hate getting phone books, because we use the internet or google text (46645) or GPS (great gift by the way) to find things. And then I feel bad that someone went through the trouble of printing and delivering them ... just for me to throw out.

I have an alternative work schedule. One Friday off every other week is amazing, and really helping me with the wedding, but dang nine hour workdays are rough.

Glad Slumdog Millionaire is getting nominated for awards. Will not be watching the show. Will be loving the "worst dressed" (why is it so wrong to wear a beautiful ball gown now?) and hating the "best dressed" (designer =/= nice looking).

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