Thursday, January 29, 2009

So I've come to the decision it's time to buy a new car. While I think my car's creaks and noises are endearing, we all know what they really mean. I have friends who take their cars in on something called a maintenance schedule. After 100,000 miles, the maintenance schedule seems to be "fix whatever blows up." I have a good job and an MBA; I think it's time I have a regular car too.

Now seems like a great time to buy a car. This guy agrees. Plus, the new year model of the car I plan on buying is much, much cheaper than the MSRP from last year. Awesome.

Then our step-parent government comes out with some ideas on how to get people to buy cars, when no one has saved or spent rationally and can't get credit any more. Guess what? This makes me not want to buy a car. If the government is going to give me a break on it, why buy it now? Why not wait to see what kind of extra goodies fall out? Epic fail, guys.

It must be a slow news day if that's all they have to talk about. Especially if this is major news. I would have so enjoyed seeing that. The traffic sign over one of the highways I take to work has been broken for weeks. And yes, I really do look for the cars in the Amber alerts.

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