Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OK so here is what happened last week:

I got sick. There was a head cold going around and with all of the things going on and all the stress (good and bad) I got it with a vengeance. I hate being sick. I like to think myself a fairly active person, and this really puts the brakes on the operation. Plus it made me miss cake decorating class. Luckily I was sick enough not to care too much about doing anything but sitting very, very still.

We went to pick up my car expecting the scratch to be repaired but found a crappy paint job, new 2" scratch on the bumper, and a fast talking salesman. Lesson: saying something very quickly does not make it true or reveal your time traveling abilities. Case in point: saying the car was ready last Friday when we didn't drop it off until last Saturday. It was fixed & pristine this past weekend.

Which is good, because the Civic (I have to differentiate now between my stable of cars LOL) has developed the nasty habit of not starting. With all of the rain, it is probably getting too wet and to be fair, it is quite the old lady. We meant to keep it because it's cheap and convenient, and kept me from needing a rental car for the week it took the dealership to get their act together, but this new habit in combination with street sweeping 7 am Tuesdays is not going to play.

I like my new phone. I'm torn between having a smart phone with all possible features and just having a basic phone. Since I don't like being available at all times, the basic phone is really the way to go. The built in bluetooth is so much better than carrying one separate, the menus and navigation are so much better than my old phone, and it actually has good free ringtones. Now I just need that free text package since no one I know makes phone calls any more. And for Verizon to not screw me out of the $50 rebate because their paperwork is wrong. I hate them.

My diploma came in the mail and we picked it up Saturday. Oh yes, did you forget I just graduated with an MBA? It's OK. I knew it would kind of get overshadowed. Everyone seems happy that I'm not in school anymore but now expect me to be all wedding, all the time. Damn, people, I am tired. I need some fart-around-in-the-house time.

I don't like to talk about work, but I had a really big project fail over the weekend that had very little to do with me, and mostly to do with no one bothering to tell me very important information. Which then created a massive amount of rework despite my careful work in the first place. Which makes me wonder: I will have a new rotation in just two months - what will they do?

Anyway, on I go ...

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