Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There is about a week until the wedding. I am not stressed out, and I am excited.

That said, everything I have done lately is somehow wedding related. It's time to get this stuff done. I think I've been putting some things off because once they're done, it's wedding time and it'll be over. That's kind of a bummer. Not that I'm not excited about going on vacation and then just living normal life for a while. I'm just so lucky to have two families who love me and get along and all. Not that they won't after.

Anyway, my mom and I were talking yesterday about "after the wedding." There are so many things that have to wait until "after the wedding," because there's just so much to take care of between now and then. But "after the wedding" is what life will be like:

  • I read this article and it horrified me so much (tearing tissue?? ew!!) that I am going to immediately get rid of the sports bras from high school and get ones that fit. So, back to wearing them to the point of nasty. Plus I need decent shorts. And a new yoga mat. Did you know they crumble and STINK after a while? Me either. Oh, you thought running and yoga were in preparation for wearing a wedding dress? Cute.
  • Then there's the wardrobe. Just this morning I thought, "wouldn't life be simpler with fewer options in the morning?" I wear basically the same thing all the time. I have clothes that are out of style or don't fit right. I have clothes from coughmiddleschoolcough that I still wear. I hate to get rid of perfectly good clothing, but I don't want to move it.
  • Moving. Our neighborhood is awful. Convenient, but scary. I want to move to a fun neighborhood - think downtown El Segundo, Main Street Huntington Beach area - and live it up for a while. But thinking about it is overwhelming and I hope that's just the bride talking.
  • I hope they finish the IMAX across the street before Star Trek comes out. Yes please! Except the actor who plays Kirk looks a little bit like the moody Twilight pictures I see all over. I guess pale, emo, and tight pants are the "in" thing.
  • Maybe now I should come up with a more definitive career plan. I'm hesitant because I've tried a few times before, and I never would have thought I'd end up where I did, and I'm not all that disappointed about it. But "seeing what happens" isn't very professional or MBA of me.
  • Did you know I graduated? I finally get to have a big graduation in May. Although I already have the diploma. I'm still super excited about it. Bet you didn't know I like parties.
  • I need a hair cut. Bangs and layers but long enough to pull back. Period.
But all this is "after the wedding." Some of you I will see soon, some of you I will see later.

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