Thursday, September 13, 2007



  • Suffered through a rough day at work, with wedding-talk frosting on top.
  • It's not that I'm not happy for my friends who are getting married - I really, really am. I mean, seeing them so happy actually relieves some of my stress! But when they're complaining, or asking me about our plans ... it's to the point where I just want to cry. One of these days something has to go right...
  • Discovered round trip Christmas tickets are $500. Each.
  • Rewarded my crappy day with a non-fat no-whip (I'm one of those people) Pumpkin Spice Latte. Which ended up mostly on me.
  • Last night was my "self-help" class, and I stayed late to talk to my professor. He's an interesting person!
  • The first package from my shopping spree arrived! Odd how Overstock let me know my book was on the way, but not my dress.
  • Work, meetings, work, yoga, lunch, work. No cell phones ringing or farting today at yoga, but one late person. If you're late, don't go!
  • Blew my great eating habits again with a peppermint patty. But I had to have something sweet. After all, a diet won't work if you're always depriving yourself.
  • Ever put something on your to-do list, just so you can immediately cross it off? I've sunk to that level.
  • I'd planned today to check the status of my grandma's photo book that was absorbed into the USPS. If there wasn't an update, I was going to call tomorrow. But, I called home, and sure enough I had an email update that it arrived this morning. Whew!
  • Day 4 without a Diet Coke. I've been drinking lots of tea, though. I'm not trying to cut out caffeine entirely (I'm a full time employee/grad student), but I do want to cut back.
  • Made up for my disaster diet day with a short run. Yoga + running = 400 calories burned! And I'm still logging my food on Slim-Fast, so I know just how much I'm taking in.
  • Checked out the professional half marathon pictures. They didn't get too many good ones of me, and I'm just really not attractive when I run. But it made me think back to that day, and how I hurt from head to toe, but felt great.

Weekend To Do:
  • New sunglasses
  • Run in the Nike 5 mile, and watch MC Hammer!
  • Bring a snack for another birthday on Monday
  • Do my extensive project management homework
  • Re-do my database homework
  • Order my mom's birthday gift (oops! It's next weekend!)
  • Renew my car registration - last year, I got a second bill, and it was $1 cheaper than the one I originally paid!!
  • Read the book Authentic Happiness and take some online questionnaires Go to the Wired Expo, and try to get my picture with Keepon!
  • Finish updating my resume with the school's format and submit it for review

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