Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Chinese Women in No Hurry to Wed

Now, this article seems innocuous. Similar to what's happened in the United States. The part that I take issue with was this:

"In families that did have daughters, the one-child policy meant most girls were raised as only children, lavished with esteem-boosting attention from parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents in China’s multi-generational households."

Yes, thanks. Thank you, MSNBC, for perpetuating the "only child" stereotype. I'd like to think that I'm not spoiled, and a hard worker. I know some other only children who are well-adjusted. Being picky about a husband is hardly attributable to being an only child - when economic conditions are better, the need to be taken care of by a husband suddenly isn't a priority. What's wrong with women, with no siblings, wanting more out of life??

A Day of Reckoning for Gen-Yers

Once again, thanks for perpetuating a stereotype. A lot of my friends still live with their parents, and really that's understandable. Most people couldn't afford even an apartment out here on a starting salary. But not everyone in their 20's and 30's is living at home, leeching off their parents, incapable of making decisions, and expecting all of their wildest fantasies that their parents told them would come true to materialize.

Then again, maybe I've had my "day of reckoning." A little while ago, I thought I was doing pretty well. I'm able to pay my bills, live a comfortable and for the most part financially independent life. Then, we sort of set a date for the wedding. Chapel is $2300. I made a fairly big milestone in my savings account, but it's still nothing close to a condo down payment, especially if something were to happen like losing my job or my car were to bust. I went to the first information session for my MBA international trip, another $2800. I guess that's to be expected when you're going to a school you couldn't afford if not for a generous employer. There are a few trips coming up next year that I won't be able to go on, not only because between the wedding and trip I'll be wiped out of extra cash, but I won't have the vacation time either.

Does that mean I fit the Gen-Y mold? I'm finally realizing I need to join the "grown up" world? That's funny, I thought working full time at a respectable company, getting an MBA from a top university, and taking advantage of every opportunity I can was being part of the grown up world.

OK, < / rant>.

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