Monday, November 19, 2007


This past week was pretty wild, as usual. Here's the update:

  • A frustrating PM homework assignment, a negatively-productive database meeting, and a 12 page final paper about "what I learned about myself" for self help. And there's only 3 weeks left!
  • Clean bill of health from the doctor. Which was awkward, because I think he expected me to thank him. I never quite know what to say when the doctor says something like "your cholesterol is good" or "your eyes are very healthy." Thank you? Seems like I should thank myself, as I'm the one doing all the work.
  • Completely exhausting weekend.
    • I had my Friday TJ Maxx shopping trip, and dinner at Baja Sonora.
    • Saturday I worked on homework, helped Andy change my brake light, picked up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, and headed down to Yogurt land for "dessert." Read: giant tub of ice cream. Hooray for one opening in Cerritos! That's a lot closer than Irvine. Also played the Wii (and my first video game in years). It was still hard - for whatever reason, I love watching other people play video games but not playing them myself.
    • Sunday I had a most-of-the-day group meeting, laundry, and Corner Bakery for dinner. Help! Our anniversary is next Saturday ... what is something nice you can do for someone you can't get through the week without?
  • As a result of the weekend (close to 150 miles in 2 days), amongst other things, I decided I need a new car. A very nice one. If I have to drive all over creation and spend anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours in the car a day, I deserve it.
  • I'm going to Japan for my MBA international globe trip. I've always wanted to go to Japan, but I think it'll be a little disappointing because I wanted to go for vacation, not work. I'm excited my friend and I managed to score the same location though. And I'm only a tiny little bit bummed that I'm not going to Cuba.
  • I fell off the Slim-Fast bandwagon. But lately I've been eating unusual foods. Need to get back on that for the holidays.
  • I'm starting my Christmas shopping, but all my blog reading has gotten me in a very personalized, DIY mood. For example, I wanted to buy my grandmother personalized notecards. This turned into quite the ordeal, because I couldn't find any under $50. Option #2? Personalized photo cards. At about $1.50 each, I can order 15-20 and not break the bank. Andy's anniversary gift might end up quite personalized also. ;-)
  • The impending end of the year has me a little freaked out. There's so much to do still! I need to buy more contact lenses, do my Christmas shopping, see the redecorated Sleeping Beauty castle, cover for people (now two) at work, arrange a visit with my mom in January for wedding-related duties, turn in my paperwork to travel overseas, and that doesn't even include finishing out the three classes I'm taking now! Yikes!!
In the mean time, my professor brought us pizza for dinner. He brings us random snacks when there's a guest speaker. Tonight's guest speaker is from Microsoft. Ooh, I bet they pay well there ...

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