Monday, March 3, 2008


Well, here's where I stand so far on the monster pre-Japan to do list:

  • Bought some flat black shoes. I ended up with the ones from Payless. The sizing was so bizarre, and they were comfortable for most of the day, but they started to rub by my toes. When I got home they'd chewed off my right heel! Luckily I kind of expected it, and bought little shoe-liner sock things.
  • Finished my extra-hard spreadsheet homework.
  • Ditched class for the first time, ever. My friends were leaving, and the wireless was down, and I wasn't really enthused about listening to a "course review" of three topics. I feel bad, but it was nice to come home.
  • Met with the professor & my group via phone. Argh! It's pretty simple - we're creating a report on the global flat-panel TV market.
  • Registered for Summer session. My second-to-last semester of grad school! The final schedule I ended up with is Consumer Behavior and Corporate Financial Strategy. I am decidedly NOT looking forward to having class from 6-10 p.m.
  • Bought a travel neck pillow and vacuum-less vacuum bags. Both on emphatic recommendation.
  • I'm already mentally planning my wardrobe for the trip. And I'm going to look fabulous.
Now that it's Wednesday, and I've accomplished about half of my original list, here's what's left:
  • Catch up on business law reading. I have the feeling this will be my in-flight entertainment.
  • Look up the deal on Tokyo Disney. I might have someone talked in to going with me!
  • Still trying to work through all the drama at work. Interesting to see just how that turns out...
  • Trip. Trip trip trip. After that, hopefully life will be back to normal!
  • Midterm next Tuesday.
  • Midterm the first Thursday I return (again, in-flight entertainment...)
  • My first 30th and 1st birthday parties; oh how I wish I could fit in both. :-(
  • Set up an appointment with our potential reception site, hopefully this Saturday. Is it a bad sign that it always seems to take them three days to respond?
And on I go!

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