Sunday, March 2, 2008


When a whole Saturday is sucked up by school, I always feel like I was robbed of a day off. Here's what I accomplished this weekend:


  • Work, with a long discussion with my replacement.
  • Brought home flowers and a homemade tag for Andy for Leap day.
  • Did "tough" yoga and studied before Andy came home.
  • Taco Bell for dinner.
  • More studying, but this time mostly with my face on the book. Not exactly A-student commitment.
  • Up early, since I wasn't even really sure when my exam started. A text from my friend said 8:30 - I'm glad I did! I walked in right as they started passing out exams.
  • Extra credit answer: Biiru, onegai shimasu.
  • The exam was over at 10, but class drug on right up until 4:30 (and they didn't pass out plane tickets until then).
  • My favorite session of the day? Cookie session, when they serve gourmet brownies & cakes in between afternoon sessions.
  • Traffic on the way home, because the 110 carpool lane was shut down for filming. Ah, LA.
  • Came home to finished laundry. I'm in love.
  • "Easy" yoga, but with 2.5 lb. leg weights. Suddenly, not so easy - but I can't wait to build up and try it with "tough" yoga.
  • Dinner across the street at Daphne's: Chicken & Gyro family pack.
  • A double white russian put me under the table while we watched the Office, and I actually curled up and fell asleep in my chair.
  • I confess. I'm all schooled-out. I don't even really know what time I got up, but I felt a lot less pressure knowing that Saturday was over.
  • We made breakfast together! I love that.
  • Ran some errands across the street. Payless didn't have the shoes I wanted in my proper size, even though I was prepared to pay $23 for shoes I don't even know that I really want. We got Andy some new pants from Ross and Old Navy. Old Navy was another disappointment for me; they had the same dress the Gap had last year, but I didn't want to pay $35 for it a few weeks ago. Now, they don't have my size ... again! I'll never learn. We finished up with a trip to Sam's for more detergent.
  • Came home and worked on some homework. I should say, as best I could. At this point, burnout is sort of an epic understatement.
  • Listened to the domestic disturbance under, or somewhere very near, our apartment. It ended with someone driving off.
  • Ran about 2.7 miles with Andy. It was good for both of us, even though neither of us wanted to go. Plus, more quality time!
  • Made beef & broccoli with rice noodles for dinner.
  • More homework and emailing, and some more Office watching.
So, quite a bit done, but a lot more to accomplish this week.

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