Thursday, September 20, 2007



  • Bleh. Haven't felt too good lately. But, it'll pass.
  • Tried the Beefy Cheesy Melt at Taco Bell. I saw a commercial for it when I was watching the USC-Nebraska game, but our TV reception hid that it's also stuffed with rice and sour cream. Bleh. Plus I blew it with another diet Pepsi. I'd say, a waste of 580 calories.
  • The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" and Guns n Roses's "Sweet Child of Mine" are positive ways to spend traffic time.
  • Drinking tea is really starting to grow on me. I bought a Stash sampler of black teas, and they're pretty strong but very good. For future reference, Tazo tea bags only make one strong cup, but all the others I've tried seem to last all day.
  • It's been cooler outside lately, but this morning it was gloomy and sprinkling too. Yay for fall! Although, I wore my new BCBG striped dress, and it's going to be a little chilly for that. All because I want to wear more dresses, so I can justify buying this from the Gap:

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