Monday, September 17, 2007



  • I did homework. For the vast majority of the day. It's going to get worse before it gets better, but only 12 weeks to go!
  • For one of my assignments, I had to take personality tests from the Authentic Happiness website. I was really excited about reading the book - I thought it would help me control stress, and have advice on living a happier lifestyle. I'm halfway through, and it's more about the author blowing hot air than about figuring out how to be happy. The online tests were interesting though. It turns out I'm a perpetual optimist, and that I believe any setbacks are temporary. Even though I cry and moan all the time about school, I know it's temporary, and I'm working hard to make it go by faster. But, I also found out I don't show enough gratitude. So I'm going to try and work on that more.
  • Andy spent all day researching flights for our Christmas trip. I can't wait! I love seeing our families, and I wish we could more. This year, though, will be the first year I don't spend Christmas day with my parents. I'm a little sad, but we added a couple of days to my original (and totally made-up-on-the-spot) plan, so we'll see them and hopefully some of my extended family, as they usually visit after Christmas. He also made me a really fantastic dinner!!
  • I don't have a nano and don't want a new iPod, but I really want the Nike+iPod thingy. Without the shoes. I really like my own shoes. So basically I want the system without the iPod or shoes...
  • Got up early to get to the store for yet another birthday. I really ought to do that more often, because leaving early (or, in actuality, on time) means less traffic. But I still got to work a little late because, after depositing my $3.50 dividend check, buying tea and cookies, and getting a coffee, I had to fight through the high school traffic across the street.
  • I had soda twice this weekend - a little cup on Friday, and a diet Pepsi with my pizza on Saturday. I don't feel bad about it, though, because I did go 4 days without after all! I even had one tonight before class. I think salty foods make me crave it.

  • I don't understand people at work sometimes. I know I'm a pretty hard worker, and I like working and having things to do and getting things done. But how do you just not show up? Or show up, and not do anything all day? Even on my "lazy" days, I still end up getting little things done. Every morning I wake up with a mental plan of what I'm going start, do, or finish that day. And I work really hard to do it, because I like to get things done as soon as possible (and everyone else seems to appreciate it too. But this morning I woke up, still in a great mood from the weekend, went to work... and everything fell apart. Not a good way to start the week.
  • I went to my friend's 25th birthday lunch. I know I just turned 25, but why does that somehow make me feel old??

  • My grandmother called me at lunch to tell me that her photo book came with a promotional code for a free greeting card, and she'd like to send one to my mom. My first thought, sadly, was, "They put an extra page in my wonderful gift for an advertisement???" But, of course, I'm happy to order it. She read off the code to me, and it was about the same length as a Microsoft registration number. Hm. On top of that, I'm assuming it's for a picture card. Which will take a while to print and mail, and my mom's birthday is Saturday. PLUS, what picture would I use??

  • Perused the Emmys fashions. I didn't know they were Sunday, but they've had the banners up around school for a couple of weeks. Yes, I go to school right next to the Shrine Auditorium. Anyway, I clicked through, and didn't know most of the people. There were so many anonymous, ethereally thin girls that they all looked the same. Even their faces had the same structure.

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