Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today's cooled off weather, and the print my friend bought of trees in the snow, kind of got me thinking about moving closer to our families again. I never realized that I actually do miss the season changes, even though they're a pain. I don't miss the going out in the muck and snow and ice.

We talked about it a little when we were in Alaska; we both liked having family time that we don't really get living so far away. But we couldn't immediately think of a city that we'd both appreciate. It's very much a different lifestyle, too. Whenever I visit my parents, things seem to move at a different pace. My mom even tells me, not long after I get there, to "slow down!" It would be great to be closer to our families, and a lot easier to be big fish in a little pond than little fish in an ocean. We could buy a house, in a nice neighborhood, or even in a downtown area (which I would love!), and get good jobs with our educations and experience.

The problem is, where do you go? Seeing our parents more would be great, but at the same time, I think we'd lose some of the independence we've had living in LA. A lot of companies are leaving southern California, but they're not exactly swarming to St. Louis either.

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