Saturday, September 22, 2007


Oh, Nike Run Hit Remix, what a mess you are.

First, we just got the results of the race. They weren't posted on the actual Nike site; I ended up finding them through a helpful Yelp post. In addition to that, the starting mats malfunctioned, so we got these lovely notes at the bottom of the results pages:

Thank you for participating in this year's Nike Run Hit Remix. There was an electromagnetic interference to the chip time starting mats and the data was not collected at the start of the race. The race start was at 9:00am and the start time for all runners is determined by this time. If you remember the time on the clock on the start structure you can deduct that from your start time for your personal time. We did receive the data from the 2.5 mile timing location and the finish line timing location and that information is online.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are currently working with Tri-California who has managed the timing chip process for the past 2 years to rectify the situation. Tri-California has never had an issue with timing in the past and we don't anticipate this should ever happen again.

Argh! I don't remember what time I had when I crossed the start line - it was probably about 40 seconds. Which is cool, because that means I actually ran in a little over 53 minutes. But, now, we'll never know for sure! :-( Of course, no one anticipates it ever happening in the first place; I'm sure it will happen again.

My results:
Final Time: 54:36
Split: 27:41
Overall Rank: 2908 (I'm slow)
Pace: 10:55

I know, it's nothing to brag about. But I am proud that I can do it!

The second snafu was the race numbers. Instead of the big paper numbers, they required you to wear these very nice red Nike shirts. They're like the expensive shirts from sporting goods stores, but with your number printed directly on them as though they were music track times. A cute idea, except for A) it's hard to find anyone and B) the professional photographers couldn't identify anyone! Andy had some nice shots, but there was not a single shot of me (aside from the ones we took before and after). That's OK with me; I don't look good while I'm running and I don't plan on spending $20 for a 5x7 print. But what a mess!

Hopefully people will Google this and get some feedback for next year!

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