Saturday, September 22, 2007



  • The forecast was for rain today, but it was sunny and clear this morning. And chilly! I actually wore my long sleeved shirt that has stripes like rainbow sherbet to stay warm. (Yes, I'm still craving rainbow sherbet. Even though it's cool. And it's been over a month.)
  • It's funny when people say "D'oh!" like Homer Simpson, but in real life situations. It's kind of lame, but amazing, that has become a cultural lexicon.
  • Went to Ruby's for lunch. It was kind of a special event! I misbehaved and had a banana chocolate milkshake - kid's size, though.
  • After work I came home, took a nap, and we headed to Old World for Oktoberfest. Every time I go by there I think of a visit my parents made a couple of years ago, and they loved having breakfast there. We got to see some friends that we don't usually get to see, and I saw some people who work where I used to work in Long Beach. It was a great time, with lots of beer, silly dancing, and cup towers as high as 11 stacked. We didn't leave until a little after midnight. It was pouring rain (rare in southern California!), and we parked at the mall across the street. The drive home was sort of dangerous because of the rain and we saw two cars that had gone off the side of the road. But, home safe, and went right to bed.

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