Thursday, May 29, 2008

For a very brief amount of time, I tried shopping in stores. I went to the mall a couple of times and looked at clothes. And discovered that shopping in a store is a great waste of time.

Because of this discovery, the next week or so means I'll be getting a lot of things in the mail!

  • One item came in the mail yesterday. My mom saw some pretty plates on our registry were going out of stock soon, and she bought us a set of 12! Guess we need to up the number of place settings accordingly!
  • Our videographer contract is in the mail. I'm dying to get that checked off.
  • I'll be discrete and just say this: I love not shopping the semi-annual sale in the store. And free shipping.
  • I ordered two of my textbooks, finally. One isn't quite out yet, but should be shipping soon; luckily no one else in the class will have it yet either. The other I bought from an Amazon seller because I refuse to pay $270 for books for one class, and it was $50 versus $170. So, please come through for me!
  • Finally, the object that led me to the realization that I don't even remember how to shop in stores: a bluetooth headset. Let's go back to the beginning: California is implementing the hands-free requirement in July, and since I get most of my family time in the car, and my freebie earpiece just doesn't cut it, it was finally time to invest in one. And then I realized I had absolutely no idea where to get one. Everyone I know shops in stores for the instant gratification, but ... did I go to the Verizon store? I'm kind of anti them, and their stores bug me (see below, rude people in large groups). Target? Did they even sell good ones at Target? Or just cheap ones? Even though I want it right nownownow, Amazon won out with a $30 pink Motorola set with good ratings.
On a side note: I wonder if the excitement of getting something in the mail, convenience of not having to drive somewhere, and dislike for rude people in large groups is coloring my opinion.

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judikae said...

When I was driving home today, I was on the phone and I actually thought about the point you made. But, do they really expect to be able to enforce the law? I guess the best way to get caught were to be caught on camera...