Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thanks a lot, whoever made Azumanga Daioh available via Google video. You've made me waste away half my weekend!

Friday I was pretty worn out from leaving the house early, getting to work, and trying to catch up on all of the little projects I'm working on. All that after taking my final exam for business law and doing laundry in the same night! I was a little productive, at least. After work, I stopped in to Target and finally bought some non-annoying sunglasses (with cute but poorly etched cherry blossoms on the side, and black, which is not my color, but one doesn't complain when they finally find a pair of glasses that don't sit crooked), a pair of thick black sandals ($4.99!), and a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (which I still haven't opened). Also stopped by TJ Maxx and bought a lovely DKNY organic cotton dress for $30. I called my parents and went for a run, where I saw two police officers stop, handcuff, and take away a boy walking just ahead of me on the street. Out of the blue, just like that. Time to start thinking about moving ... although I was suddenly able to run really fast. Had leftovers for dinner, and went to bed sort of late (thanks a lot AMV).

Saturday I had intentions of getting up earlier than 11. I really did. I took a 13-mile bike ride toward the beach, but didn't make it all the way. I got just shy of PCH before I stopped for some water to think about things. It was really windy, so I wasn't doing well at all. Anyway, I decided to readjust, go for it (I could just about see the ocean), but before I got going again some 50-something guys rode by and asked if I was OK. OK?? I just needed some water! When I got going again, though, I realized I was really sniffly - they probably thought I was crying. How lame. The way back wasn't so bad, because the wind was now behind me, so I went an extra couple of miles. It's miserable carrying your bike up to the 2nd floor after 13 miles...

I spent the rest of the day trying to use my Macy's and Victoria's Secret coupons, but couldn't find anything I wanted at all. Picked up the stuff I'd forgotten the day before at Target, stopped by the grocery store, and made crab and spinach enchiladas with a black bean and corn side. I recommend going easy on the cayenne though ... the salsa is hot too.

Sunday I had big designs to spend the day in Huntington Beach. First at the dress store, then to the mall there (the Macy's is nicer), and then to Seal Beach to try to drop off some clothes. I ended up sleeping too much and made a breakfast burrito instead, and washed off the patio furniture with this romantic idea of sitting on the patio finishing my Japan blogs, although the temperature has dropped. I called the dress store on the off chance that they wouldn't be busy today, and they said to come in at 3. I thought if I just went and looked again, maybe I'd find something I liked ... and I did. My consultant pulled out a dress first thing that I didn't really like at all, but they're super nice there and let me pull out a few more dresses that I'd seen in magazines and liked. Since I wasn't feeling too good about finding a dress ... ever ... I was game to try on the first. And had that moment when you think, "This is a wedding dress." After she added my favorite veil, I was sold. I tried on the others, and they were, of course, beautiful, but none of them were like the first. I'm planning on sleeping on it, and maybe getting another opinion (anyone want to go to the dress shop??), but I think I'm sold. Too bad it doesn't look the same in pictures.

I did end up going to the mall, and raided the Old Navy clearance (seriously, why do the malls by where I live suck??). In a slight change of plans, I was going to go to Ikea and try to make a mock-up of the centerpieces I'm envisioning, but I was too excited to send my mom pictures of the dress ... and hungry. So I had nachos and a pot pie while I searched, got sucked in to more Azumanga Daioh, and got distracted again. Tonight, first, will be yoga - then, finish those Japan blogs!!!!

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