Monday, November 10, 2008

Bidding for spring semester classes starts today. And I don't have to.

Instead of just registering based on seniority (and speediness!) the business school uses a bidding system. You have something like 300 points to allocate among the two classes you want to take, and you can bid as many as 300 or as little as 0. If you want to take more than two classes, you have to sign up once open registration begins at the end of the year.

It seems to confuse people to no end. Of course, get a bunch of business school students together, and they're going to come up with all kinds of strategies to get the classes they want. Popular ...ahemeasycough... classes get a lot of points, but fear makes people bid just 5-10 points on that other class they really need to take. I never had a problem because I took dorky classes - and you know what? They were a lot less work and easier than my finance classes!

Don't ask me how this is more efficient or fair than just having a free-for-all based on hours earned. I'm done.

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