Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm really happy for this article, but it's a shame it's only in Esquire. I mean, how many people really read that?

Why I'm Happy the Stock Market Crashed

If I were more eloquent, or intelligent, this is what I would say to people. My parents know better than to bring up the current state of economy or politics because I really get fuming.

And then I read articles like this in the news. Now, I know times are rough, and people have lost their jobs. I've lived paycheck-to-teeny-paycheck before ($40 for insurance a paycheck??), and I even got offered food stamps the first time I filled out my tax forms with my fancy new post-college job (that's a little demoralizing).

Here's the thing: I didn't take them. You know what? These people don't need food stamps, or public aid. If you've worked and accumulated unemployment, by all means, use it! But don't cry over struggling to pay your bills when they include cable TV, cell phones for your kids, or your leased SUV. Grow up and learn to budget! Ugh!

The only way the economy has affected me are the number of available houses to buy. I'm picky, and I want to live in a certain neighborhood (although no one is going to want to live here, including me, if you've seen this). Just after the market tanked in October, almost every house went off the market. Now, a week after the election, there are a few coming back on. Believe it or not, we could have always gotten a mortgage during that time, and I can still get a 0% auto loan.

This should be a sign to you: lifestyles of convenience and easy credit are over. And that's OK. In fact, it's better for us all.

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Roxy said...

Here here!

I bet you're still driving your little white car too... you were last year, weren't you?

Mine's at 15 years and 167,000... not bad really. ;D