Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just had the best idea for an invention on the way home!!

We all pretty much have cell phones now. So we all have caller ID. Remember before caller ID? Anyway, now most of us are moving toward bluetooth headsets. Especially since you can't talk on the phone any more while driving, and that's when I got all my goooood phone time in (I hate driving and talking on the phone).

So, what about voice caller ID? The phone number reads off when you get a voicemail. Why not when the phone rings? I mean, I could probably figure out who was calling by the area code, if not the first couple of numbers, so it's not like it would take forever to answer. Then I'd know if I could answer the phone with a "Hello?" or a "What??"

Hm. So maybe it's a service rather than an invention. Still, though. Kinda want it.

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