Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Cooking fancy dishes is fun, but sometimes cooking with a neat trick is even more fun. Did you know you can make donuts out of pre-made biscuits?

I wouldn't recommend it.

  1. Frying is a pain. No matter what. You can see some of those little guys are burned, and that's because I hate frying.
  2. Pre-made biscuit dough sometimes has these enormous salt crystals in them. For whatever reason, that grosses me out a little.
  3. Those little holes? They don't stand a chance. (I won't judge.)
  4. You could easily eat a whole can of biscuits, which is about 1,200 calories not including any glaze you might want to add. Again, I won't judge, but just think about that a minute.
Just walk yourself down to 7-11 and pay the $2 for coffee & donut tomorrow, OK?

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