Friday, August 24, 2007



  • The first day of pre-fall! I was really stressed because last year's sessions were so tough, and the past year has been so difficult. It was not nearly as hectic as last year! I got up and left way too early. And I didn't get picked to present my paper (lucky me!), but then again, the odds were 1 in 298 (there were only 2 people I know not there). I wasn't very good at breakfast (croissant and muffin) but skipped the carbs at lunch and the afternoon sugar rush.
  • Afterwards I hung out at the pub session then went to the library with a classmate to finish and print our assignments. Neither of us have printers at home.
  • Got home and sat around a little. We made salads for dinner, and of course I made mine Mediterranean style with cucumbers, olives, and feta. I like using spinach instead of lettuce so much more. And black olives and cucumbers are such good tastes together. No matter how well I eat for dinner, I always want just a little chocolate after dinner and before bed.
  • Blog, skim my article due tomorrow, and work on my grandma's birthday present.
To Do:
  • I'm uploading pictures to Shutterfly to make an 8x8 photo book of my grandmother's birthday party. But you can only upload 10 photos at a time, and it's slow.
  • I bought 2" and 1.5" white ribbon to make ribbon roses for the vase my parents gave us as an engagement present. But, I forgot the floral wire.
  • My DMV renewal came - already! Again! Grr!
  • Book buying date with classmates tomorrow.
  • Find a nice gift for my friend who helped with my assignment. Seems like something USC would be appropriate.
  • Sort through the last few piles of stuff on my desk.
  • Charge up my laptop for Monday.
  • Blog about Alaska!
  • Read a painfully long entrepreneurship article.
  • Find some nice, long sleeved shirts I can wear to work or casually. And clogs. It's fall now!

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