Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things to do

I'm a pretty busy girl. I'm also fond of to-do lists, and have a million of them. These to-do lists usually keep me from keeping up with the people I'd like to keep in touch with, so I blog. And, being inspired by some other fantastic blogs, I want to play!

To start, here is the "life" to-do list:

  1. Finish the MBA.
  2. Get married!
  3. Move to LA.
  4. Work.
  5. Hang out with friends (more).
  6. Take advantage of all the things to see and to in LA.
  7. Keep a fabulous home. Or apartment, as the case may be.
There's more, I'm sure. But this is just the start. To come: a little story about our most recent trip. Which will probably be precluded by six straight days of class.

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