Friday, August 24, 2007


I am totally obsessed lately with Mediterranean-style food. We've been talking pretty seriously about a Greek Isles honeymoon, and after the trip we'll probably opt for the "relaxing" instead of "adventure" trip. I have no idea how it started. I love Greek salads, balsamic vinegar, even Daphne's is good if not a little expensive for what you get.

A perfect evening for me would be:

  • Dinner at Open Sesame on 2nd Street. OK, it's Lebanese, but it's probably my favorite restaurant in the area.
  • Cruise 2nd Street stores. They have everything from the Gap to really unique stores you'd expect to find in Southern California. There's a store on one corner (I don't know the name) that always has such cute underwear in the window!
  • Get ice cream. I still want to try Pinkberry.
  • Take a quick trip to the beach, just to check it out.
Good news: this could actually happen! Well, once I get through the next couple of weeks. This weekend is pre-fall, next weekend is Labor Day, the Disneyland half marathon, packet pickup, and the first SC football game. Plus, I'm sure I'll have homework!!

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